Portable Stall- Easy to Move

Portable Stall

Portable stands comprising of, counters, pop up and booths. These are the stands but difficult to convey and transport to anyplace. Stall can be utilized for framework stands and shell scheme stands or included in an extensive arrangement presentation for the slow down configuration. Portable stalls are self-installed stands and disassembled by it simultaneously.


Modular Stall Design

Modular Stall

Modular stalls are permanent solutions for providing versatility to exhibition. These stands contain pre-engineered parts that fabricate executive looks to the stall with stabilized roofs, rooms and walls. These are reusable stands that can be employed for later exhibition shows and can be restructured for bunch stand outlines by basically includ....



Support services - For your Exhibition and Events

Support Services

Genesis Zeal Multi Solutions exhibition stalls are portable and reusable at ephemeris of exhibitions and shows. They are time-saver, hassle-free use and reducing financial burden to a long extent. Our support services are advantageous for many reasons-

Installation & Disassembling Services-

Relax and approach your visitors. We provide you a complete professio....

Stage Design for your Events or Exhibition

Event Stall/Stage

Schedule of an event management starts with the installation of event stall and stages where you your commodities for display. It is an encircled space where you stand to deliver the content of your brand and products.  Thus, configuration of event stall needed to be well-planned and theme based. The back and rear view should be displayed with artistic designs and banners. The banners should be....



Interior Design- Turn your home or office into cas

Interior Design

Do you want to receive compliments on interior designing or do you love decorated room and arranged furniture? If your answer is yes to these questionnaires, then you should soon hire a interior designer agency which could make your dream a living example. Genesis Zeal Multi Solutions provides you stupendous and phenomenal service of sublime interior designing work that would glisten and gleam your in....

Customized stall - We design as you need

Customized Stall

Tradeshows and events are the platforms to promote your brand and customized stalls accomplish your high ambitions with the best effect. Customized stalls are tailor-made products, thus they are made with elegance and neatness and ordered with good time duration. Genesis Exhibition fabricates customized stalls for exhibition that are custom-ma....



Fabrication services

Genesis Zeal Multi Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a coalesced exhibition service provider established in 2010, based in Noida. We offer a full range of exhibition solutions and services to various clients. We maintain the gap between buyers and suppliers across the world by marketing, coordinating and representing trade events and exhibitions through their network offices located at various locations.

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